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Proceeds from 2019 Belfry Membership sales will be used for the restoration of our property
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Belfry Music Theatre
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Bring Back The Belfry

Bring Back
The Belfry
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The Belfry Music Theater enriches the lives of individuals and the community by creating extraordinary experiences. When was the last time you sacrificed time or money for your creative soul? Your support of time, materials and money, helps to give inspiration and delight to thousands.

Bringing Back The Belfry - Proposed Renovation

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Your donation dollars will go a long way to help us revive the Belfry Music Theatre into a integral piece of the community.

"GO GO GO , If you do not go, you are missing out. All of the shows over the past 18 months have been well worth seeing. We look forward to the next 4 shows we have booked."
George L., Rockford, IL

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Support our Proposed Renovation
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