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The Belfry Music Theater enriches the lives of individuals and the community by creating extraordinary experiences. When was the last time you sacrificed time or money for your creative soul? Your donation of time, materials and money, helps to give inspiration and delight to thousands. With every note of laughter and with each tear, we, the community, give thanks.

Proposed Renovation - Bring Back the Belfry

Your donation dollars will go a long way to help us revive the Belfry Music Theatre into a integral piece of the community.

"We give to the Belfry, to support the excellence and importance of its work – its productions in the past have stayed in our minds for decades. We look forward to new productions and being able to support the education of area youth in theatre. It is our way of connecting with thoughtful and engaged audiences, past and present, that gave rise to this institution in 1932 and who will continue to sustain it as a point of reference for exciting theater in the present day."
~ Robert and Sarah Pike
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Volunteering is a great way to get involved in the arts locally. You will have fun with our energetic and friendly team. Experience making invaluable friendships with other individuals of the community. To get started, please email with your interest.
Support our proposed renovation